Acalypha is a tropical plant, grown as a houseplant, or as an annual outdoors in temperate zones. Some varieties are grown for their foliage, which can be multi-coloured, and some are grown for the often brightly-coloured catkin-like flowers. If grown outdoors the plants like full sun or part-shade, and fertile, moist but free-draining soil. Indoors they should be grown in a soil-less, free-draining compost in filtered light. ‘Dwarf Chenille Plant’ sports furry plumes of tiny red trailing flowers and small, serrated, mid-green leaves. Given enough light, ‘Dwarf Chenille’ can be in bloom for most of the year. It doesn’t need pruning and you don’t have to pinch its growing tips to get it to bush

Scientific Classification:

Scientific Name: ————
Common Names: ———–
Kingdom: ———–
Native Range: ———-
Family: ————-
Genus: ————

How to care and grow ?


— thrives best in —


— grows well in —




It prefers a temperature between —


Fertilize once a month —


— can be easily propagated by —


It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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