Original:Agave beauleriana is a very large,attractive, succulent plant up to 2.4 m tall and up to 3 m wide. It is usually seen as a single, large rosette with powdery, bluish-gray leaves that undulate and bend gracefully. The underside of the leaf can be patterned with dark green due to the glaucus covering rubbing off from other leaf contact which gives this part of the plant an almost dark variegation. The leaves have large teeth along the margins and a dark brown terminal spine. Infrequently flowering,this plant produces a towering inflorescence with yellow flowers and after flowering the main plant dies. Synonym for this plant is Agave ‘Franzosinii’ New:These succulent tropical perennials are grown for their large, stiff, sword-shaped leaves arranged in tight rosettes. Flower stalks are rarely produced except on large, old plants. They can be grown from seed sown under glass in spring or propogated by planting the occasional suckers during spring or summer. Plants require a minimum temperature of 7C in winter.

Scientific Classification:

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How to care and grow ?


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It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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