Original:A. potatorum is a variable species, in terms of colour and habit, but is generally a solitary or slowly clump-forming species forming a compact and symmetrical rosette of light green to blue-grey, glaucous foliage with reddish-brown marginal spines and a larger, twisted spine at the leaf-tip. Stems are monocarpic, producing flowers and seeds only once on reaching maturity and then dying. Flower spikes can be 3-5m with light green flowers tinged with red and with red bracts Grow under glass in sharply-draining or proprietary cactus compost in full light. Water freely in summer, but allow compost to become dry in before watering again. Give a low-nitrogen feed three or four times during the growing period. Water less in autumn and keep cool and dry in winter. Can move outdoors for summer returning the plant under glass before the first frosts New:These succulent tropical perennials are grown for their large, stiff, sword-shaped leaves arranged in tight rosettes. Flower stalks are rarely produced except on large, old plants. They can be grown from seed sown under glass in spring or propogated by planting the occasional suckers during spring or summer. Plants require a minimum temperature of 7C in winter.

Scientific Classification:

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How to care and grow ?


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Fertilize once a month —


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It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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