Gymnocalycium is commonly called chin cactus. It is a genus of about 70 South American species of cactus. Gymnocalycium are eay plants to grow and will do well if potted on regularly every two or three years. Flowers are generally brightly coloured. Where temperatures fall below 10C, they must be cultivated under glass with heat. G. triacanthum is a small single headed, flattened cactus, with peculiar grey bodies with short adpressed spines in clusters of three.

Scientific Classification:

Scientific Name: ————
Common Names: ———–
Kingdom: ———–
Native Range: ———-
Family: ————-
Genus: ————

How to care and grow ?


— thrives best in —


— grows well in —




It prefers a temperature between —


Fertilize once a month —


— can be easily propagated by —


It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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