Astilbes, with their fluffy plumes, are among the most rewarding summer-flowering hardy perennials. They have attractive fern-like leaves and in mid to late summer, produce spires of tiny flowers on stiff stems. They range in height from dwarf varieties at 30cm to tall specimens of 1.2m. They thrive in moist conditions in sun or half shade. ‘Chinese Astilbe’ is a low growing, slow spreading, plant with dark green leaves. Upright stems produce clusters of delicate, very small flowers in pink or purple in summer. Needs watering in dry periods during the summer.

Scientific Classification:

Scientific Name: ————
Common Names: ———–
Kingdom: ———–
Native Range: ———-
Family: ————-
Genus: ————

How to care and grow ?


— thrives best in —


— grows well in —




It prefers a temperature between —


Fertilize once a month —


— can be easily propagated by —


It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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