Pak Choi can be grown as a baby leaf for salads or left to mature with succulent stems for stir-fry. From seed to table in about 5 weeks. It is a plant that grows best in cool weather – prone to bolting in hot weather. Will need protection from slugs! Pak Choi is a thirsty plant and to ensure you grow big, fleshy heads as shown in this picture, water them twice daily. ‘Richi’ forms a dense head which can be used in salads, stir-fries.or as a cooked vegetable

Scientific Classification:

Scientific Name: ————
Common Names: ———–
Kingdom: ———–
Native Range: ———-
Family: ————-
Genus: ————

How to care and grow ?


— thrives best in —


— grows well in —




It prefers a temperature between —


Fertilize once a month —


— can be easily propagated by —


It requires moist air.

Pests and Diseases:

It has no serious pest or disease problems.

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